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The Immigration Health Information, Education and Communication Resource Center is operated by a team of specialists in the Andalusian School of Public Health. We hope that the material incorporated here will facilitate communications between health professionals and the immigrant population. We welcome feedback from all of you who work daily to ensure the provision of quality health care and invite you to share your opinions regarding this resource center in general or specific questions of interest to you, for example, if the material needs to be made available in other languages or if it needs to be complemented in some other way.

Please feel free to send us new material or information regarding other centers similar to ours; we ask you to share with us any suggestions or ideas you might have to enhance the utility and quality of this center and its resources.

You can answer the questionnaire by sending using this simple form or, if you prefer, forward it to us from your own email address to:


In the meantime, please accept our team’s most sincere greetings and thanks for your assistance.

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